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Advanced Paediatric Life Support Course (APLS) 20 - 21 June 2019 Places Available


Thursday, 20th June – Friday, 21st June 2019

Please only book via the PGMC website if you are self funding your place.

Please be advised that your course fee is refundable for up to 14 days following your application. Thereafter course fees are non-refundable.

The APLS course provides the knowledge and skills necessary for recognition and effective treatment and stabilisation of children with life threatening emergencies, using a structured, sequential approach.

The seriously ill and or injured child needs to be treated as an individual; there are four key differences that determine treatment: weight, anatomy, physiology and psychology.

The structured approach focuses the clinician on resuscitation; emergency treatment followed by continual stabilisation and then transfer to a definitive care environment.

The course aims to teach, practice and test the acquisition and use of these technical skills. In addition, the human factors that generate the highest quality and safest health care provision are considered.

Information for Candidates:

This advanced paediatric life support programme is for those from a medical, nursing, ECP, ODP or RTO background, Physician’s Assistants for which APLS is relevant to their working practice. RTOs from any background who work in a paediatric hospital are eligible to take the programme. However, RTOs who work in a non-paediatric hospital, with any other background to those already listed, can send an application to the Working Group detailing their paediatric practice and each of these cases will be considered individually. The Working Group also recommend that nurses are senior staff nurses and above. Experienced level 5 staff nurses may take the course.


The programme comprises a one-day VLE followed by a two day face-to-face course. Online modular education through VLE: 17 modules in total. The VLE component must be completed prior to attending the two day course.


Course Administrator

Ibolya Olds
01223 254992

Course Location

The course takes place at...

Madingley Hall
01223 254992