Cambridge Postgraduate Medical Centre

The Cambridge PGMC are dedicated to providing high quality education and training for healthcare professionals

The Postgraduate Medical Centre

The Postgraduate Medical Centre provides the infrastructure and support to facilitate the education, training and continuing development of health professionals at Cambridge University Hospitals Foundation Trust (CUHFT).

Simulation Centre

The Cambridge University Hospitals' Simulation Centre is a development which allows multi-professional and inter-disciplinary learning on machines that simulate a wide variety of very realistic medical scenarios. Our aim is to improve patient safety through teaching and training, with research methods being developed to provide us with tools to reduce clinical error.

The Cambridge Surgical Training Centre 

The Cambridge Surgical Training Centre is a new state of the art facility providing advanced education to the medical profession and other clinicians across the world. 

The Centre provides the best possible environment for surgeons to learn and perfect their techniques on cadaveric material, while also offering world-class training in minimally invasive, microsurgical, and open surgery.

The state-of-the art facility provides advanced education and training to the healthcare workforce, locally nationally and internationally. 

The Centre carries a formal licence from the Human Tissue Authority enabling our leading surgeons to deliver training in a unique wet lab environment. 


The PGMC together with Cambridge University Health Partners (CUHP) has developed an e-learning resource for all staff to provide accessible continuing professional development training. In due course, we aspire to provide a comprehensive set of programmes that will contribute to a broader range of clinical, quality and safety, and regulatory priorities.

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