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Supervisor Development

Educational Supervisor Meetings

We run 1 Training the trainers (T3) programme in January - March each year along with 2 evening updates and at least one-day courses each year for Educational and Clinical Supervisors.

Evening Updates

The date for the Next Educational Supervisor evening update is 7th November 2019 places can be on the link below:

7th November Educational and Clinical Supervisors evening update

Day Meeting

The date for the next Essential training for Educational and Clinical Supervisor is due to take place on 20th September 2019 and on 28th November 2019 Places can be booked on the links below:

28th November 2019

3rd March 2020

For Educational and Clinical supervisors who have previous competed the training and need to or would like to refresh their training we do offer an option for a half day training on the 28th November course which can be booked on the link below:

Half Day: 

28th November HALF DAY refresher

Please be aware that if you have not previously completed this course or an equivalent course you will need to attend the whole day in order to be signed off as a supervisor. If you have already previously completed the course and are just looking to refresh your training then you have the option just to attend the afternoon sessions (although you are welcome to attend the whole day if you wish)

Training the Trainers (T3)

The 2020 Training the Trainer (T3) course is scheduled to take place 8th January - 11th March 2020. This is a weekly teaching programme to book your place or for more information please click here

For queries regarding these courses please contact Jonathan Northrop or 01223 216376

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